Moon in Scorpio Overview

Believe it or not, even though Scorpio is a water sign and Moon is the natural ruler of Cancer (these signs are in trine), Scorpio is the most difficult position for the Moon to be with.

Water signs are very tuned into emotions and it can come as a surprise that Scorpio is such a difficult position. It is said that Moon is in “fall” when Scorpio inhabits it. Because Scorpio is such an intense sign, it is not compatible with Moon’s nurturing and gentle attributes. It is difficult to live with Scorpioinc intensity on day to day basis. Natives with this Moon position feel intensely about everything and even if they are happy and content, and nothing special is going on in their lives, they will still feel the seething intensity within them.

It is no wonder that Scorpio Moons are more prone to have addictions than any other Moon sign or even Sun in Scorpio. When I say addiction, it doesn’t have to be drugs, alcohol or sex. It doesn’t even have to be recognized as an addiction. It can be something benign and even beneficial that you start using to feel better (like meditation, exercise, needlework, etc) but soon you get addicted to it to the point of obsessively doing it just to numb the intense feelings raging inside you. Over time you realize that you are not doing it just because you like it, but more because it tames the intensity. Even if it’s not harmful, it’s still an addiction and in the long run, it can prevent you from doing other things that you love that require you to feel intensely. This is why relaxation methods (whichever they are) don’t work with Scorpio Moons and can instead have a counter effect.

Scorpio Moon natives often live in the survival mode. They see this world as a constant struggle and are acutely aware of the dangers that lurk at every corner. This is why they can get easily suspicious of people around them through this is usually subconscious. While Scorpio Sun will be aware that they are suspicious of people, Scorpio Moon people may only feel a strange sensation when meeting people that they can’t even properly articulate. Moon is our subconsciousness, it’s buried deep within us, it is our very soul. That is why it has the strongest influence on us.

These natives are very perceptive and intuitive. They understand the dark side of the human soul, though it depends on other planetary positions if they will try to ignore it or not.

Usually, these natives are quiet and observing, though if their descendant is in a more extroverted Sun or Ascendant sign (air or fire) they may portray a more outgoing and even loud personality. It’s only a facade and they can use their Sun/Ascendant to purposefully appear different from how they feel on the inside. They are not doing it because they want to deceive you. They are doing it to protect themselves. The best way to protect your true self is to act in a way that it appears that you aren’t hiding anything. Scorpio Moon natives know it best.

Scorpio Moons are naturally mistrustful of people. Because Moon represents early childhood, it’s possible that in that period these natives experienced some kind of abandonment or betrayal. Maybe they had a difficult birth, their mother’s affections were erratic and not constant, or maybe their mother just had to work hard and spent long hours at work. Whichever may be the case, the child felt from the early age that mother’s affection could be gone at any moment and that they can be easily abandoned. This created that deep mistrust which resulted from the fear of being abandoned by the people the native loves the most.

It’s a subconscious fear and the native may often not even know they have this fear. After all, Scorpio Moons usually see themselves as strong and self-reliant people who don’t need others for help. In order to survive in this cruel world, they must rely only on themselves. If they open up and let go of that fear, they will not be able to protect themselves anymore.

In love, Moon in Scorpio natives are either very cautious or very reckless. Mostly they are cautious because they have that deep need to protect themselves. Even if they are reckless and go from partner to partner without much thinking it’s only because that way they don’t have to attach too deep with them and can experience passion and intensity on their own terms. If they do get to trust you, they will form a strong bond with you and they will stick with you through thick and thin. Unless you betray them, which is never a good thing.

Even if Scorpio Moon native’s other planetary placements are in more detached and easy-going signs, this Moon will still give them black and white attitude towards life. It might not be obvious, not even to them, but they will have either strong loves or strong hates towards people (and things/places/etc). Scorpio Moon natives have a high tolerance for emotional pain and suffering as they are extremely resilient. Unfortunately, this often leads them to be misused by other people. This doesn’t happen because Scorpio Moon people are weak, quite the opposite. It’s because they can withstand things but also because they can understand the suffering of others that they will be the least judgemental of all Moon signs which people can sometimes abuse. It’s often people who are closest to Scorpio Moons that abuse them emotionally the most. If a Scorpio Moon gets attached to somebody they can do anything for them even to their own detriment. As long as people respect and acknowledge this sacrifice, a Scorpio Moon will continue doing it (which is not good for them in the long run, though).

When Scorpio Moon feels that you’ve taken them for a fool, they are capable of switching from love to hate in an instant. Because Scorpio is a fixed sign, once their heart is set on something, it takes a lot of time and effort to change it.

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