Moon in sidereal Scorpio Sept 4-6Photo by Chandra, the moon has just moved into the …

Moon in sidereal Scorpio
Sept 4-6
Image by @samukeras.

Scorpio loves to discover all things mystical so these are the days to explore astrology, ancient works, psychology, shamanic routine, sexuality, dream work, metaphysics, etc as our capability to absorb this information is supported by both Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio.
Please send me a message if you are curious about how this affects your chart and would like to set up a reading with me.

Chandra, the moon has actually just moved into the deep, dark waters of Scorpio. In Scorpio we observe a shift in our state of mind from light, airy Libra to the mind probing, reflective and pulling away nature of Scorpio.
Scorpio is where our most significant worries reside. This is the place of vulnerability where we have vigilantly trained to set up our guard and use our shields. We frequently take this too far and end up being protected to everything and everyone, concealing our soft, loveable nature so not to be injured. In spite of our armour, the water element ruling our feelings still churns deep inside and we witness a storm within because our true nature is to reveal our abundant emotional nature. To comprehend Scorpio is to recognize we can suffer alone in the pounding waves by staying shallow with our sensations or we can be freed by diving under the waves, relying on the mystical metamorphosis that awaits us if we simply release…

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