Mother of RootsHere is a colony of Mexican honeypot ants, seen underground where they have burrow…

✨ Mother of Roots ✨.
In the center, we see the large queen, the Mother, who holds up a single egg. On either side we see employee ants who have actually stuffed themselves on food, then gone underground with the queen, to make sure she remains fed.

It might appear like the sacrifice described above issues the workers, however observe the shed wings on either side of the queen. Honeypot queens,.
like all ant queens, are born winged and fly into the sky to find a mate. When fertilized, however, she goes deep into the dirt, where she sheds her seals and wings herself in with her eggs. The queen rarely, if ever, returns to the surface, let alone the air. She has certainly end up being a Mother of Roots ✨.

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