Moving out of your south node and into your north node

Hey y’all! I felt really inspired to talk about this because I had never seen much helpful information online about how to handle your nodes. We know that your south and north nodes are going to be a larger presence in your life if you have conjunctions, squares, oppositions, etc very significant aspects that will force you to grow up, astrologically lol. One of my worst fears has been staying a giant baby and ending up in life not having grown up – so I had the desire to develop my north node but I didn’t know how. So… how do we do it? There are a lot of factors in your chart but what I have not seen addressed is: consider the nature of your north node, even THAT will give you indication how to move forward (if developing your north node is your goal). Your south node is purely subconscious instinct, it’s inside coming out. The north node I’ve come to know is inward, outward and back inward, but it’s not outside of you – it’s inside of you but you have to consciously pull it out of yourself and prioritize it. For example, my cancer south node is conjunct both my moon and chiron (yikes) in my 9th house, and every end of year cancer full moon would be an absolute trainwreck with emotional and health issues that would last a week. I would have overphilosophized my pain all year leading up to that. Over the years but especially this year, I dropped reacting from my south node and tried getting out of my comfort zone by slowly building (Capricorn) my mental strength (3rd house) and detaching from my emotions (Saturn Aquarius). My third house has 2 planets in Capricorn, my north node, as well as Saturn so always making sure to SLOWLY build and not overwhelm myself has been key in developing my north node. It’s not some magic formula. It’s literally practice, habit habit habit affirmation affirmation affirmation until the new habit becomes YOU. I was scared of this not feeling natural to me, but it’s become me now and I’m reaping benefits that 3 year’s ago me would never have imagined.

Let me know your houses and signs of south/north nodes if you want a few words on what/how some of the practices might look for you! If this doesn’t help anyone, I’m sending it through the time machine so that my younger self can catch it.

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