My girlfriend went to visit a medium and the medium told her that her number is 33. Now she is scared…

My girlfriend is quite skeptical into spirituality, esotericism, horoscopes, etc…

She was passing a bad time, and then she meet a friend the past week. She referenced a Medium and she (my GF) went to this Medium.

The medium told her that, based on her birth-date, her number is the 33 and that this is a special number. That she can cure other people if she developed her talents. (the medium was also a 33)

She is scared, i believe mostly because it’s an unknown field for her. I told her just let things flow, even if she doesn’t want this path but don’t force to avoid it.

In my opinion i think this could be great for her, i believe that her life could improve if she opens up her awareness but i will not push her for this.

What do you suggest?

**Note:** I’m worried mostly because i have a friend (girl) that also had a special gift (see spirits) and she literally neglected this gift due to the fear of what others would think of her, and it was like the universe punished her (a lot of problems, health problems, blemish erupting on her skin…) and i don’t want this to happens to my girl.

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