My most scary and shocking testimonials by _sidhu23 Scary,Shocking True..Tku for ur unconditi…

My most stunning and frightening testimonials by @aman_sidhu23
Scary, Shocking && True. Tku for ur unconditional love, belief&& Trust. Testimonial-swipe delegated see the video
I have actually been with Preeti mam from April 2019
When I visited her very first time she had actually told me about evil eye on me. The solution of lemon and burning of black candles were provided to me.
What I have actually sent today is giving me goosebumps. Today on Thursday I was being in my drawing room when I discovered that lemon in glass of water had eyes on it and was gazing at me directly. I simply lost my breath and stressed.
I didnt knew what to do when I sent mam msg concerning eyes on lemon. Mam told me to calm down and burn black candles that she had provided me.
I burned the candle. That day would have been last day of my life because I met a fatal accident and with gods grace and mams true blessing I left and was a survivor un hurt.
For those who believe that whether truth or not however simply fifteen minutes ago I have actually met the wonder and another accident is that Im left safe otherwise my both legs would have been broken.
For me Preeti mam you are the answers to my prayers.
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

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Testimonial-swipe left to see the video
What I have sent today is providing me goosebumps. This week on Thursday I was sitting in my drawing room when I observed that lemon in glass of water had eyes on it and was looking at me directly.

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