My numerology as an clairsentient and claircognizant transsexual

I am currently both transitioning and having an spiritual awakening (which appears to have been triggered by starting the shift).

My instinct is thriving, more powerful than ever. To the point I start to have a headache the minute I enter a store, as I step into it heightens and I am caused simply leave the store, feeling better the moment I step outside. It appeared the energy there was really tense, perhaps it was filled with envy and animosity.

To that features me selecting my brand-new name. I knew I wanted a name beginning with A like my birth name, but I wanted a name that was significant to me. Having a meaning of something I desire be, as a continuous suggestion to keep in that line. I chose Ágata (Portuguese version of Agatha – due to the fact that I am Brazilian) due to the fact that it suggests “excellent” and I make every effort to be an excellent person. I like crystals and stones, and Ágata likewise suggests agate.

Nearly a month after I was considering this option to ensure it felt right, I was drawn to numerology (which I already did study a bit when I was a teenager), and I decided to compare my new chosen name with my birth name in concerns to their core numbers. The result was mind blowing: the numbers were similar:

I think I was caused the name Ágata by my claircognizance or connection with my greater self, spirit guide or something.

Both my birth name and new name had Soul Urge (or hearts desire) 11/2, Personality 8 and Expression 1. (my Life Path is 9 and Achievement Number 7).

Is it possible that both names were chosen before I was even born so that would take place?

In this context possibly my birth name is not as crucial as a birth name generally is for many people, as my “brand-new” name was probably my genuine name given that the start and my birth name a “pseudonym” chosen for me to use till I found my path?

Thank you for taking your time to hear my story.

Peace and love!

To that comes with me picking my new name. I knew I desired a name beginning with A like my birth name, but I wanted a name that was significant to me. I chose Ágata (Portuguese variation of Agatha – since I am Brazilian) since it indicates “excellent” and I strive to be a great individual.

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