My personal philosophy on numbers

1: singular, referring to self i.e. ones self, looking street #1

2: a couple, a pair, a relationship i.e. 2 peas in a pod

3: superstition, not necessarily good or bad (leaning towards good side) i.e 3:33 witching hour, things come in threes, third times the charm

4: bad luck i.e. this numbers always been bad news for me, one of the first times I remember recognizing it felt like a 4 day i had to scooter home 5+ miles on acid, lost my phone, and wasnt able to visit my deceased fathers grave on father’s day

5: my lucky number, usually refers to myself, came up a lot to me my whole life

6; crazy, anarchy, superstition not necessarily good or bad (leaning towards bad side) i.e. mark of the beast

7: friendship

8: strong

9: weird

0: nothingness, empty, void

I’ll try to add explanations on the last 4, that’s all I can think of for now

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