Need some help with my numerology

My birthday number is- 17. Doesn’t 17 become 8?

Name number is 9, 8, or 5? I’m not sure what to do with “Jr.” do I spell it out, “Junior”? Or go with just ” JR”? Or do I drop it entirely? Do I go with what it says on my birth certificate?

Side note. I have always been drawn to the number 13. It has often revealed itself to me through my entire life thus far. With either assigned seats, tickets, jersey numbers when I was a kid, and in a myriad of other ways. As a kid, I would set timers and alarms to end in 13. It has always been a special number to me. I tell others if asked that 13 is my lucky number. If there is no assigned seating I will sit in number 13. I will say that I don’t go out of my way to always have the number 13 seat either, and I do not get perturbed if it is not 13. So, I understand that I definitely have an affinity to the number 13 and in so the number is prevalent and relevant to my everyday life. That on a subconscious level I am having that number come up.

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