Neptune is changing course and turning directYou bet it isThis time it means the Neptune in Pisc…

Neptune is altering course and turning direct?
You wager it is!
This time it implies the Neptune in Pisces transit is 1⁄2 method over.
I love Neptune.
Shes my favorite world.
AND I specifically like her in Pisces.
Shes a badass who desires you to leave the realities of life.
I indicate who does not wish to do that?
Neptune would like you to do that in an accountable method though.
Do you understand if you were born with Neptune retrograde?
If you were, it is really more common than you think.
Neptune has actually remained in retrograde given that June 21, simply under a 1⁄2 year vacation, which is typical.
She invests almost 1⁄2 of the year in retrograde and 1⁄2 direct considering that she turns retrograde again in June next year on 23rd.
Neptune is big and is thought about an outer world in astrology.
The inner worlds are Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, and the external planets are Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto. The external planets impact us more in the longer term or more gradually than the inner worlds.
Their orbits are longer and trudge along setting the stage for modifications to come.
Neptune is an entrance, an entrance to what we can not experience with using our mind.
Astrologers state she is the higher octave of Venus, revealing us what can take place if we let our senses and unconscious take control of.
Neptune will no longer be retrograde at 15.56 degrees Pisces on November 27 as of 4:32 a.m. PST.
The energy that was directed inward will now be directed outwards, although its hard to inform with Neptune.
Look outside yourself for Neptunes gifts.
Among her huge contributions is a connection to the arts.
Neptune loves the arts not like Venus for their visual appeal, however rather for their ability to connect with the souls nature.
© Amy Domres, Emerald City Astrology, 11/27/19
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