Neptune Retrograde 2019 June 21st November 27th

Good morning! Mai Gaia here! This is the roughest week of the year, and take careful note – we’ll have some themes from this week repeating in late autumn and early winter, from November-January, so write in your journals! We can get through this energy shift together. With Neptune, this revolves around themes of rose-coloured glasses and escapism.

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Starting off this transit we have [***Saturn retrograde in Capricorn***]( **sextile Neptune**, bringing the support of father figures and superiors into this lifting fog. You can rest assured you will have strong support through this trial. With [***Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius***]( making a **square** to **Neptune**, however, be mindful that you should not trade one addiction for another. You may be tempted to trade a smoking addiction for a gambling addiction, for example.

This is a great time to delve into spiritual pursuits, such as divination or meditation, to help you move forward and heal with clarity now at your disposal. This is going to be a gentle reminder that we cannot run away from our pasts forever, and that we must find a healthy way to overcome our fears and paranoias.

The mysterious shadows in the fog are often more frightening than their true forms.

Hang in there. What themes are you seeing this week? Do you have the bravery to tackle your fears? You can do it!

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