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That’s the energy of Gemini NN to me haha.

On a societal level…

SN in Sagittarius: end of my way or highway soap-boxing, end of dogmatic thinking being accepted as Truth, the illusion of fake news lifting, losses to the way we travel globally, less my way or the high way

NN in Gemini: fact over philosophy and theorizing, able to hold many ideas at once, expanding on the ability to change your mind, common sense, letting new information in

In general, SN Sag is the archetype of a well-traveled and knowledgeable sage, in whatever field, seeking to share what they know. This archetype appears to know it all, about everything, and will make sure you know that. The plus side is what this placement does indeed have a lot to share. The downside is that they don’t listen to other people, factor in the details, and have a hard time separating their ego from their smarts. Marco Polos.

NN Gemini is seeking to be that better listener, to siphon through all the relevant details and facts, to be comfortable learning from others. This placement is community oriented and less about traveling far and wide. Time to be in the present moment, here and now, what matters this second.

On a personal level…

It depends a lot on what houses Sag and Gemini are for you. And if there are planets there.

My basic approach: SN DRAIN, NN GAIN.

So wherever the NN is where we can experience gains, and wherever the SN is where we can experience drains.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

**ARIES ASC**: gains in the third house, drains in the ninth. a period of community oriented endeavors, of letting new ideas permeate your daily life. less lusting after faraway places and lofty mindsets, but letting the here and now spark wonder

**TAURUS ASC**: gains in the second, drains in the eighth. personal income from your own personal endeavors. make right with what you owe people and get your head around your debt. retooling your beliefs around money and possession.

**GEMINI ASC**: gains in the first house, drains in the seventh. a period of coming into your own without seeing other people as a necessity in that journey. speaking up for yourself, face forward now, retooling which relationships are needed and which you can jettison

**CANCER ASC**: gains in the twelfth, drains in the sixth. the daily habits or jobs that once sustained you are becoming beige boring or broken. looking towards the metaphysical to bring back a sense of magic and wonder, and letting that seep into your routines

**LEO ASC**: gains in the eleventh, drains in the fifth. less about what personally makes you feel good and more about what you can bring to the community to make them feel good. creation needs an audience, be it a piece of work, art, a child or yourself. you may make lifelong friends and associates, time to find your tribe. mingle

**VIRGO ASC**: gains in the tenth, drains in the fourth. volume is turned up on your place on the world stage. opportunities to bolster your sense of purpose will be abound. you may have to say goodbye to staying small or staying hidden, and bloom past what your family expects of you. an end of the comfort zone.

**LIBRA ASC**: gains in the ninth, drains in the third. a period of travel, whether journeys of the mind or journeys in real life. commit knowing all there is to know and seeing all there is to see and practicing all there is to practice. this will expand your horizons. true wisdom requires time and a nimble mind. spiritual passages await

**SCORPIO ASC**: gains in the eighth house, drains in the second. your sense of personal insecurity will be made up for by the graciousness of others. a period of true sharing, investment, and resourceful intimacy. the ways that you waste money or valuables (your time and energy and patience too) will become apparent, and asking for help from others is your best bet

**SAG ASC**: gains in the seventh house, drains in the first. a period of relationships that can help you reevaluate who you are and where you’re going. not the loss of self sufficiency per se, but the ability to let others co-pilot this stretch

**CAP ASC**: gains in the sixth, drains in the twelfth. time to be more real world oriented. the isolation that serves you, the spiritual practices that unnerve you, these are to keep and help you become better in life, on the job, and for others. all the other psychic chatter, alienation, trauma, sabotage that does not bolster you must go. break down to build up, not to stay broken. this opens up new ways to be of service, to remain flexible in your duties, and to remain childlike and light as you approach each day

**AQUA ASC**: gains in the fifth, drains in the eleventh. social exhaust. extraneous friends. arsenals of acquaintances. groups and beliefs you have grown out of. time to spring clean your social networks. a true sense of belonging comes from authenticity of self, and all else that spring from that. opportunities for pleasure, joy, art, creation, romance and love remind you who you are and who is worth keeping around. your own best friend.

**PISCES ASC**: gains in the fourth, drains in the tenth. a place for solid roots, a home, a family. these are all themes that are of concern. it is less important that you be respected by the world, by your colleagues, than it is that you have a place to relax and retreat, to feel safe and secure, to delight in the smaller successes of comfort, a family dinner, a mortgage in your name, and a place to lay your head. you step down from an authority figure, and are content to just feel content. your mom, your dad, your home.

NOTE that the drain/gain paradigm isn’t black and white. There won’t be complete losses in one area so don’t expect that. Rather, a clearing up, drain, allows for the gains to have space to settle in. For example, Gemini rising draining of relationships that don’t serve gives Gemini rising the space to come into their own. Doesn’t mean all relationships are doomed.

The SN and NN work in tangent. No need to completely ignore or abhor or fear one in service of the other. The SN is the launching pad. The NN is where we go once launched.

Also remember that the Sag/Gem axis is one that is inherently cerebral in nature. It deals a lot with the mind. So Gemini information gather versus Sag “I know it all” is what is fundamentally at play here. At the end of this period, you will **KNOW** more about what there is for you to learn i.e. these changes could, for some, play out entirely in your brain.

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