Not making much progress, I personally blame it on the retrogrades tons of ideas floating around, …

Not making much progress, (I personally blame it on the retrogrades) tons of ideas floating around, but you can’t seem to focus on one. All of them have there pros and cons, and none of them pop out at you. This is tell you, that you need to dig deep down into yourself and ask yourself “what do I truly want for myself?” Narrow down your passions, weigh your options, make a decision using your mind and your heart. You are resisting because you don’t feel balanced enough to make a decision for yourself. Ground yourself and realize that you are going to have to step out of your comfort zone to make a decision. Listen to you inner voice and let it guide you. It ok to step into the unknown. And when you do, you will feel so much better and proud of yourself for having the courage to follow your passion.
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