Numbers repeating and moving on up

Quick background:
I do not know a great deal about numerology.
However I will say that the number 11 has been with me since I was young.
I have increasingly noticed over the last couple years, more numbers, mostly more 11’s, then 12, then 1 and 2 appearing together. I just note it and move on.

But this morning I have seen another movement in a recent(fast-moving) pattern.
I have to say that as I have been watching sick kids this week while sick myself, I truly hardly look at the time anymore; so I really do not believe this me seeing what I want to see.

-For a while before this it was 1:11 I would keep seeing, for a few weeks or so.
So I thought how funny when I began to see 2:22. When 3:33 showed up a couple days following I started paying attention.
Yesterday was 4:44 and just now, for the first time since I woke up(way too early at 4), I looked at the time to see it was 5:55.

Seeing this pattern escalating increasingly fast, especially while my person life is in turmoil,
Is a bit unsettling? I really appreciate any thoughts and thank you for reading this 🙏

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