Numbers speak to me

If anyone else in this sub feels the very same method I do, I am curious. I have been “brought in” to number sequences and duplicating numbers given that I can keep in mind. I can remember the first time I saw 12:34 on a clock and thinking how definitely cool it was, and that it wasnt a coincidence. I was a kid. As an adult number series And duplicating numbers turn up all.the.time. Especially when deep space desires me to “pay attention” so to speak. I observe that oftentimes when I am seeing a boost in activity that my more sensitive buddies are also seeing a boost in activity but perhaps the message is different ie: different number sequences or pattern. I practice and teach yoga and meditation, Ive been in a sort of haphazard communication with spirit given that I was a child. It used to scare me, now I just sort of opt for it. Recently it isnt simply numbers. Numerous other undeniable synchronicities have been showing up, I simply have been observing them and thanking the universe for sending them … but I am curious … we all discovered this sub for a factor … we like and are curious or are drawn in to numbers and numerology, what are your backgrounds with numerology, how did you find yourself here?

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