NumeroLogic The numerology of the Pentagram

Maybe you have wondered over the past few months where this Pentalogie – Numerology comes from. For your perusal I give you the introduction chapter of our book.

**NumeroLogicThe numerology of the Pentagram**


Numerology is as old as mankind is. Even when we cannot read, we can still count. Etymologically the origin of the word **“tell”** is to reckon, calculate, number, compute, consider, think, esteem, account. We write “accounts” of our travels or work.

In the old languages like Sumerian, Hebrew and Ancient-Greek every letter was a number and vice versa. Every letter has a vibration and so does every number. Because of this numbers can “tell” a story. The birthdate of a person is probably the mostimportant number to “tell” a story. It stands for the definitive tran- sition from unity into duality.

In the sixties of the 20th Century German numerologist Hans Müller came up with a brilliant idea. By placing the numbers of the birthdate in a Pentagram, he created a direct visual impres- sion (symbol) of those numbers and their story.

**Science or art?**

Are numerology and Pentalogie true and scientific? No, at leastwe don’t think so. It is based on human intuition and not scien-tific research. To us it is more like an art. A painting by Vincentvan Gogh will open up an entire new world of understanding for one visitor, as she sees the energies, the beauty, the passion and the deep understanding van Gogh put in there, whereas the next visitor only sees badly depicted houses, trees that are not trees, clouds that are not clouds.

NumeroLogic does the same: either it touches you or it leaves you stone cold. When you analyze your numbers and it does not ring a bell, well then forget all about it. It is simply not your thing, or the reading is completely off. If it makes you happy, or even better, angry, then you have at least something to look at.

**Nature versus Nurture**

There is a second way to look at what the value of a numerologi- cal analysis is. We are born as a clear slate, with a lot of poten- tial buried in our DNA. We call that our Nature. We are also very helpless little beings at birth and on average it takes us at least 16-21 years to be able to stand on our own feet. All this time weare being influenced by our environment: mother, father, family,friends and teachers. This forms us and we develop defense mechanisms against the things we don’t understand with our child’s mind. This we call our Nurture.

Nature and Nurture form our current Self. But how much do weactually know about ourselves? How aware are we of our own behavior? The Nurture we know, but how to find our Nature?

In our experience this is where NumeroLogic comes in – just as Astrology or any other divination method. **Our hypothesis is that NumeroLogic offers a peek at your True Nature.** Some-times you will find a lot of confirmation of what you are doingand sometimes it just may be the opposite.

**Beginner or advanced?**

This book is written both for the beginner as for the slightly ad- vanced.

To get you going we give you some very easy methods to start with numerology in chapter 2. Combined with the explanations of the numbers, as given in chapter 3, you may start writing parts of your own life-story. Let it be playful and fun.

If you want to dive a little deeper into the art of NumeroLogic, in chapter 4 we give a basic introduction to divination by use of the Pentagram. Understanding the Pentagram and its use is at the core of further understanding Numerologic.


Many Christian definitions are used in this text. We leave it tothe reader whether they want to read them in the dogmatic Christian way, the Gnostic way, the Esoteric way or even the Eastern way (Tao, Zen, Buddhism, Shinto)

An important word in the text is “Spirit”.Niels’ definition of Spirit is as follows:

“Having been present at the passing of my first wife, our childrenand I noticed an important thing. The moment she died ‘some- thing’ left her body and it was suddenly almost a stranger lying in the bed. Interestingly we could all ‘feel’ it, as if it was a brush of air passing us. That ‘It’ that left, I call Spirit. In other words: that ‘It’ that makes me, you and all living persons ‘alive’.

Interestingly enough the only way we humans can create such a ‘New Spirit’ is through the sexual interaction between a man and a woman (1-6 axis in the Pentagram represents this phenome- non). Rightfully so, the sexual interaction is called the “Chymic Wedding”

**Use of capital letters**

Capital letters are used to indicate numerological principles even when mentioned mid-sentence.

Have fun and enjoy the journey!

Monika Abud and Niels Pilaar

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