Numerological Day Analysis 24click for number7 Inner Happiness

Spirit: 24 Day and Night, Light and Dark.

[Pentalogie-Numerologic] (

Your axis of the expansion of self-awareness is driven by your relationships today and it is challenged to bless whatever it encounters. What happens through your interactions in your relationships may be nice it might be not nice, fact is that it occurs and you can handle it in a very self-aware way, thus increasing your self-awareness. Intuit what it suggests for you, ask yourself once again and once again: Who or What is the I in this scenario.

The axis of relationships is driven by focus-fate. You want to take your relationships to the spiritual world: the source of everything, beyond the rational mind. Balancing thoughts with feelings. It is through relationships that you may acces the spirit of the world. You have the wisdom and the manifesting power available, now select what you are going to do and start opening up to the other. Stop keeping back.

Be Happy!

Mentally and mentally you are very strong today and you are physically well grounded. Your psychological awareness focusses on intuitively testing the limitations of life (Immortality!) Physical and psychological awareness focusses on manifesting all these godly concepts that you have. The initiator as well as the mover and shaker is very present today! A terrific day to begin new things and make them happen!!

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Soul: 7 Self-awareness, Becoming the Co-Creator of your own Life, Sun.

** Most individuals ask for happiness on condition. If you do not set any condition, joy can only be felt. Arthur Rubinstein **.

The procedure is boosted by four of the 5 significant styles today: Self-aware Leadership, expansion of self-awareness driven by relationships, focussed relationships and alter driven focus.

Body: 19 Healer aspect.

** 24– 7-2019 ** ** 25/7 Inner Happiness **.

See you in:.

On the axis of Focus-Fate is the change-transformation that is driving you. It targets at discovering a wise balance and an expanding self-awareness. You have access to your power to manifest and your wisdom, now let in chaos and expansion to enjoy the complete harvest.

The sum total of today is 25: Inner Happiness. You desire to attain this through your spirits capability to go through the night to the light of a brand-new day, your souls self-awareness and your physical temptation. So Inner Happiness is directly connected to your ability to see light in the darkness, your sense of “I Am” and your physical healing.

On the axis of Awakening and leadership you are challenged today to reveal the “Ruler” in you. Will it be the unconditionally loving leader or the yearning for love leader? You have the inspiration and the awareness of Self to direct you, along with the instinct to support you. Find your masculine (sexual) life-force to really manifest the leader in you.

Eindhoven August 24-25!

Neuss-Allerheiligen August 31- Sept 1!

Istanbul September 17-20!!

The amount total of today is 25: Inner Happiness. Inner Happiness is directly connected to your ability to see light in the darkness, your sense of “I Am” and your physical recovery.

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** Most individuals ask for happiness on condition. Happiness can only be felt if you do not set any condition. Arthur Rubinstein **.

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