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The amount overall these days is 11: Master number. You would like to know what mastery has to do with through your spirits power, your souls inspiration and your physical immortality. Proficiency is a hard idea. Everybody wishes to be a master. Assess it. What does Mastery mean? Where is it different from being very good or merely knowledgeable at something?

Zutphen (Nl) 21 Februari 2020.

Soul: 1 Gods number; Inspiration, Ideas, Ability to lead.

Düsseldorf( D) Arbeitskreis 7. Februar 2020.

** 6-1-2020 ** ** 11 ** ** Master Number; Inventiveness; Richness of Ideas; Divine Ideas **.

** Mastery is a hard concept. What does Mastery suggest? **.

Spirit: 6 Power; Male Drive; Yang; Life force; Sexuality.

& #x 200B;.

Istanbul (T) January 29-Feb 2).

High spiritual awareness supports you today brings you to intuitively know God. You do this through the genuine love and true blessing whatever you experience. In connection with your masculine (sexual) life-force it gives you the aura of the avant-gardist.

On the axis of Awakening Change, your inner awakening drives the change. You wish to find vitality and the next level of relating to others through change. You need to develop your sense of order, adventure, fullness and growth to enjoy the complete harvest of this modification.

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On the axis of Self-Aware Leadership the goal is to reveal the Ruler, the Judge in you. Will it be a benign one, acting out of unconditional love or will it be the harsh, evaluating one, acting out of a requirement for love? You have triple motivation and the manly (sexual) life-energy for it. Gain access to your instinct and your sense of “I am” and the Ruler in you stands up.

Discovering the master in you today is stimulated by 2 major styles (axis in the pentagram) simply like yesterday. This time it is the axis of Self-Aware Leadership and the axis of Awakening Change (modification driven by inner awakening) Not easy to do.

** Mastery is a hard idea. What does Mastery suggest? **.

You want to know what proficiency is about through your spirits power, your souls inspiration and your physical immortality. Mastery is a hard idea.

Body: 20 Immortality.

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