Numerological day analysisclick for number Self-awareness becoming Co-Creator of ones Own Life

** 10-2-2020 7 Self-awareness; becoming Co-Creator of ones Own Life **.

Two major styles for this day of becoming self-aware: Self-aware Leadership and Awakened Transformation-Change.

Body: 20 Immortality.

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On the axis of Change-Transformation you are driven by your desire to awaken or to lead. The word Awakening The objective of this axis is to take you to the greater (spiritual) dimensions of your relationship( s).

Spiritual awareness is really high today. You wish to intuitively test the limitations of life, discover the greatest possible level of growth. As you integrate the spiritual level with your manly (sexual) life energy, the avant-gardist in you arises. Bringing originalities with them.

Soul: 2 Intuition or Doubt.

Spirit: 10 Transformation, Transition.

[Pentalogie-NumeroLogic] (

The sum overall these days is 7: Self-Awareness You desire to become self-aware through your spirits change, your souls instinct and your physical immortality. Self-awareness begins when you all of a sudden get up knowing that you are. This sudden realization of Being. Undoubtedly the following concern is then: But Who amI? Why am I? Difficulty yourself on those concerns today. It will help you broaden your awareness of Self.

** Who am I? Why am I? What am I? Awareness of “Self” is the style of today. ** ** Challenge yourself with these concerns. **.

With the 7 energy today, comes the “Ruler-Judge” Pentagram. The central axis of the Pentagram (blue 1 – red 22) exists, showing that your management is the theme today. Today you need to Rule, you have to be the Judge. Will it be a benign one, acting out of genuine love or will it be the extreme, judging one, acting out of a requirement for love?

Who are you?

Düsseldorf-Benrath (D) Arbeitskreis 24. April 2020, Freie Heilpraktiker e.V., Benrather Schlossallee 49.

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Zutphen (Nl) Werkgroep 21 Februari 2020, Loge Karel van Zweden, Zaadmarkt 97.

The main axis of the Pentagram (blue 1 – red 22) is present, indicating that your management is the style today.

Zutphen (Nl) Werkgroep 10 April 2020.

See you in:.

** Who am I? Awareness of “Self” is the style of today. ** ** Challenge yourself with these questions. **.

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