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The sum overall of today is 21: Insight. You desire to gain insight through your spirits healing and salvation, your souls improvement and your physical recovery. Recovery comes from making things entire once again, which has a much more comprehensive significance then curing someone from a disease. Many times insights fall into you, as soon as you are seeing the wholeness.

Zutphen (Nl) Werkgroep 13 December.

Istanbul (T) January 29-Feb 2)

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On the axis of Leadership your leadership is driven by your desire to relate to people.

On the axis of Leadership your management is driven by your desire to relate to individuals. The motivation and the drive for it are there, it takes your will and your feminine aspect of relating, to make it happen.

Spirit: 26 Healing and Salvation number.

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** „ The man with insight enough to admit his limitations comes closest to perfection” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe **.

The amount overall of today is 21: Insight. You desire to gain insight through your spirits recovery and salvation, your souls transformation and your physical recovery.

** 26-10-2019 21/3 Insight **.

Body: 19 Healer factor.

Your spiritual and psychological awareness is really high today providing your this aura of the sun-child and self-aware temptation. It likewise informs your higher will and with your sexual energy brings out the avant-gardist in you. Revealing the world where it is heading.

Düsseldorf( D) Arbeitskreis 6. Dezember.

Soul: 10 Transformation, Transition.

[Pentalogie-NumeroLogic] (

On the axis of the Expansion of Self-Awareness you are driven by your desire to focus and focus. In making the ideal options on what to hold on to and what to let go of, you can prevent fate or unfavorable karma. You wish to take your awareness of who you are to a level of dissolving your existing concepts of Self and be re-born again. A deeply womanly and very deep process.

You want to wake up to what is the greatest expression of yourself, which will awaken your management in you. The process includes making options in between that what no longer serves you and that what you need to go for. You will know that you have actually taken the best decision when you notice that your vitality goes up.

Three significant styles drive your mission for insight today: Relational Leadership, Focussed Self-Awareness and Awakened Focus-Fate.

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