Numerology in names

Hey, I am looking to change my name. I want something that symbolizes greatness, innovation, and leadership. The best bet I got so far is Adam Maverick Avante. Adam as in adam and eve, maverick as in unconventional, doesnt do what others do, and avante means front in french, so to be in the lead. I know numerology is important to take into account when choosing names. My grandma said your signature should include 1 of every number, ajs is 1, bkt is 2, etc.., if you write A-I in a row, then it turns into 3 rows, the 3rd row the last collum only has 2. Each collum is a number. I’m missing number 8 in my signature so id have to add a h, q, or z into my nameWhat do you guys think? Any suggestions? Here is a picture of me. Update i decided instead of avante i might so liberator or emanciptor in another language. Im not bere to be in front of people, im here to help everyone as a whole.

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