Observation regarding fire signs

Fire & & water are right-brained components, which indicates that they are both likely to be really imaginative (truth typically overlooked when it concerns fire signs for some reason) & & that they both deal with truly strong emotions. The distinction is that water sensations run deep, while fire feelings burn out quickly.

I am a fire sign myself. Fire, out of all aspects, is the just one that can be produced by hand. Fire is simplified and candid. Of course, it depends on the persons other placements too, but thats fire at its purest.

* Disclaimer: these are my personal thoughts and observations. I am a fire indication myself. *.

Fire is simplistic and candid. A feeling is just what it is: a sensation. We feel it and we let it go. We dont swim in it like water indications do. Thats why were not inclined to hold grudges like earth signs do either. And to be truthful, were strangely sensitive to other peoples energies too. Why? because fire engulfs everything around it when released. Obviously, it depends upon the individuals other placements too, but thats fire at its purest.

I decided to share this little note I composed on my blog site a while earlier because I believe fire indications are a little misinterpreted.

One minute theyre mad, the next theyre chuckling. It makes sense when you think about it. Fire, out of all elements, is the just one that can be developed by hand.

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