Oct 26-27th 2019Get to know Grace MorrisWebinar How a FinancialBusiness Astrologer WorksGrace…

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Grace is business Editor for the Astrology News Service (ANS). Join a few of the very best Western astrologists on the world as we explore inspiring stories of people who have actually faced hardship and come out the other side– changed, changed, and a source of motivation for the rest of us.

Shes helped chart the success of business for more than 25 years. She publishes a popular newsletter including economic patterns with a concentrate on the stock market and housing market. Her lectures on “selecting the winning stocks” for the year ahead are constantly a conference favorite amongst monetary astrologists.

Grace Morris is well-known professional #astrologer, timing/trend professional and #business consultant. Her specialized is to assist clients choose The Right Time to integrate a business, present a brand-new product, sign a contract, or carry out a seminar.

Oct 26-27th 2019
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Webinar: How a Financial/Business Astrologer Works

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