Older versus younger signs

My dad once told me that Aries is the mean boss while Leo is the nice boss. Aries is the “my way or the high way” personality while Leo is the firm but warm leader.

More recently, I’ve been thinking about the impacts on signs being earlier or later in the astrological calendar, and Aries being the youngest sign seeming to align with my dad’s understanding. Aries with its ram horns seems to possess a sort of youthful immaturity in its brand of headstrong as opposed to a more seasoned, motherly guidance of Leo. Then when the third fire sign, Sagittarius, is added to the mix, the pure brashness seems to become even more diluted to the point of a connection with nature (hence the archer) that adds another layer of reflection before decision, despite still being a leader.

What do you all think of this analysis of younger versus older signs and what are some other ways it can be applied?

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