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On a serious note, since becoming a mom I’ve been way more in touch with my emotions and intuition than I used to be, being an air moon who’d rather think about the ish than just feel it. I also have Cancer season to thank for that—ruled by the moon, who governs both our emotions and motherhood. Not coincidental! . On an even more serious note, since Vince and I will have the baby with us the next time we make a pilgrimage to Tombstone and get another sepia-toned touristy picture like this one behind me from a few years ago, does that mean I have to pick a different costume than this hooker getup? Would that be just too uncouth? . . . . . . #astrology #horoscopes #spirituality #inspiration #zodiac #zodiacsigns #motivation #spiritualawakening #cancerseason #moon #dailyastrology #motherhood