Oracle cards of the day 2 flew out, so we get both Essential growth we all like things to be ea…

Oracle cards of the day (2 flew out, so we get both) Essential development: all of us like things to be easy, simple and stunning, but as the lotus can not grow without mud, we also have difficulties, mistakes and lessons to experience. Its the abundant soil you require to bloom even brighter, bigger and more wonderfully. It allows you to stand in your own power and presence to name a few. See the worth of whatever you have been through.
The four various elements of your being; physical, psychological and spiritual, will go through different stages of expansion and development. Its all contained within one body, one energy, and one soul, which holds everything you could ever require

Tarot card of the day
The hierophant: concern social structures, look for answers of a higher level. This could be a time to review your own belief system
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