Person born onclick for number11 Aid, Serve, Heal or Maze

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**”The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity” Leo Tolstoy**


**11–5-1993 29/11 Aid, Serve, Heal or “Maze”**

Spirit: 11 Master Number; Inventiveness; Richness of Ideas; Divine Ideas

Soul: 5 Expansion; Fullness; Inner Motivation; Adventure;Life Fulfilment; Freedom; Order

Body: 93 Spirit of Time; Reformer

Your aim in life is 29: to aid, serve, heal yourself and others and to reach 11: Mastery in it. You do this through the Mastery of your Spirit, the Expansion of your Soul and your Physical expression of the Spirit of Time (the last one meaning that in the physical world you have a keen sense of what the current “Zeitgeist” is)

Three major themes drive this longing for reaching Mastery through Aiding, Serving and Healing: ‘Focussed Relationships’, Change-driven Focus and Awakened Change.

On the theme (axis) of focussed relationships you constantly need to focus your relationships: what patterns, behavior, concepts, habits do we have? Which of them do we need to let go of? Which of them do we need to hold on to and develop further? The goal is to find the so-called “1st spirit’ in your relationships. The spirit that defines the very essence of your relationship and from which everything mental, emotional and physical in your relationship stems. It will feel like a fresh wind or breeze going through your relationship and it will show you the way the relationship will need to go. You have your Will and you have Wisdom to make it possible. You need to develop your ability to manifest things (do them) and your ability to open up and connect to other people, for this theme to come to full fruition.

On the axis of Change-driven Focus, your desire for change drives your focus in life, constantly asking yourself: What do I need to let go of and what do I need to hold on to. It is similar to the theme above, but now it concerns your entire being. It calls for a deep continuous process of deep personal scrutiny, leading to renewal, re-birth, balance and a deep spiritual development of the awareness of your Self. Deep Wisdom will be the end result. You have the sense of expansion and a core sense of wisdom. Also here find your ability to manifest and also allow Chaos into your life. Chaos is the deep source from which everything originates.

On the axis of Awakened Change, your inner awakening – your inner leadership- drives the change. Through Change your goal is to find this high level of Vitality – being this beacon of energy- and also the higher level of relating to other people. Going beyond the mere politeness and coziness to the very essence of why we are together. In relationships constant change is a necessity. You have the sense of expansion and the inspiration for this task, accessing chaos and your masculine (sexual) life energy is needed to maximize this theme.

Your spiritual, mental and emotional awareness is high. Spiritually and mentally focussing on intuitively ‘knowing’ God (Or the Divine or whatever you want to call the higher power). On the emotional level you want to intuitively test the limits of life. It may mean that emotions tend to run up high in your life, as you intuitively want to find out where ‘life’ stops.

May you serve the world and may the world serve you.

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