​ [31-7-1985 Vitality]( **31-7-1985** **34/7 Vitality/ Self-awareness** Spirit: 31 Divine Guidance, Fulfilling power of God Soul: 10 Transformation, Transition Body: 85 Harmony of the Soul, Marriage, Emotional Consonance You want to achieve Vitality and Self-Awareness through your spirit’s divine guidance, your soul’s transformation and you physical marriage. Two major themes play in your life: Relationship driven Expansion of Self-Awareness and Focussed Relationships. On the axis of the Expansion of Self-Awareness it is the way you relate to others that drives your expansion of self-awareness. In plain words: your relationships makes you answer the question “Who you are”. Its ultimate aim to reach a factor of sacredness in your self-awareness, sanctifying everything your experience, seeing the ‘holiness’ in whatever happens to you. It may not be nice, but it may serve you. Development of your intuition is necessary to achieve this goal. On the axis of Relationships it is Focus that drives your relationships. It means you constantly have to look at what you hold on to in your relationship and what you need to let go of. Those decisions can often be painful, humans don’t like to give up what they know for something unknown, which might serve them much better though. The aim is to find your highest goals, with the highest feeling of justice and healing. You know what you want and you know how to relate, now get specific and use your wisdom to make this challenge in your relationship work. You are being supported by high mental and physical awareness. Your mental capacities are strong and you are well grounded in the physical world. Mentally you will be intuitively testing the limits of life (where does life stop and become immortal?) and Physically you intuitively want to experience or ‘know’ God (or the Divine, the Exalted) The body picture a very high sensitivity for the non-physical world. High unity consciousness, access to the Akasha chronicles, paranormally gifted and astral consciousness (you easily connect to people). Last but not least a strong (sexual) life-energy. NB: You are turning 34 this year, so you are coming into full control of your life numbers!! Have a blast!!