PersonPerson born onclick for number12 Wide awake in the here and now Presence


**19-1-1999 39/12 Wide awake in the here and now; Presence**

Spirit: 19 Healer Factor

Soul: 1 Unity, God’s number, Inspiration, Leadership

Body: 99 (Inner) Gold; Master Wisdom

Your goal in Life is 39: to be wide awaken in the here and now. Your thinking is lightning fast, like a reflex. You want to achieve this through your spirit’s capacity to heal (make whole again), your soul’s sense of unity and leadership and your physical mastery of wisdom.

In your Pentagram there are no axis or levels and all the numbers are on the feminine side of the Pentagram. It is all about 1’s and 9’s: God’s number (1) and Wisdom, Intelligence, Communication and Sensitiveness (9). Given the double and triple numbers it is most likely so that you have been on earth before and have come back to specifically learn and deepen those two principles (1 and 9).

The double 1’s on top clearly indicate to let yourself be inspired and lead others through inspiration. Once you develop your Will, your leadership will be very renewing. With the dynamic triple 999’s (red 999’s) you are called to develop the “Ruler” in you, stressing the wise and intelligent aspect of the Ruler. You need to develop your awareness of Self to reap the full harvest.

The 99911 stresses the importance to make full use of your universal skills, to step out of your intellectual mind view into new advanced thinking.

In a deeper advanced analysis, all the opposite numbers of the axis and the levels would be included, as well as their themes.


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