Persons born onclick for numberclick for number andclick for number. A short overview and analysis

**Persons born on 3-7-1979; 9-6-1985 and 17-4-2017**


**Father** 3-7-1979: 38/11 Encounter with others (relationships)/ Mastery

**Mother** 9-6-1985: 38/11 Encounter with others (relationships)/ Mastery

**Child** 17-4-2017: 22/4 Mystic/ Physical manifestation

Father and mother have the same interemediate number (38) and core number (11). It gives them both the “Ruler” Pentagram, in which unconditional love plays a major role. In the positive scenario they lead each other through love, if they loose sight of that love, it may turn into a battle of “Who is the Boss”

**Father** has two major themes: Expansion of Self-Awareness and Relationships

On the axis of “expansion of self-awareness” you use the way you relate to others and the way you define your relationships to expand your self-awareness. “I become aware of my Self through the interaction with the other”. The solution or the goal is the Factor of Sacredness. It means that we sanctify, bless everything we encounter. It does not mean that we approve of what others do, it means we see a ‘higher value’ to whatever is happening to us and use that to gain self-awareness.

On the axis of relationships, you are being driven by focus-fate. Basically you constantly need to focus your relationship: what patterns, behavior, concepts, habits do we have? Which of them do we need to let go of? Which of them do we need to hold on and develop further?The goal is to find the so-called “1st spirit” in your relationship. The spirit that defines the very essence of your relationship and from which everything mental, emotional and physical in your relationship stems. It will feel like a fresh wind or breeze going through your relationship and it will show you the way the relationship will need to go. It also makes you decide to set very high goals in your relationship.

Father has a high awareness on the mental and physical level. His spiritual awareness brings him to intuitively ‘knowing’ God and to intuitively test the limits of life. His physical awareness brings him to intuitively test the limits of life. It may mean that he physically goes to extremes, just to find out what in him is immortal. Father has the energy of the ‘Mover and Shaker” and might have a tendency to be overfocussed on the “physical plane”

**Mother** has one theme: Change driven Focus

On the axis of Focus-Fate your desire for change drives her focus. Her desire for change, transition and transformation makes her focus. What do I need to let go of? What do I need to hold on to? What do I need to manifest? It calls for a deep continuous process of renewal, re-birth, balance and deep spiritual development of the awareness of her Self. Wisdom will be the end result.

She also has a high awareness of the emotional and the physical. This awareness also brings her to intuitively test the limits of life, like father does.

Testing Fate is a theme for Mother as well as creating Outer Happiness from an Inner Happiness.

**With the son the Mystic enters the Family.**

He has no axis, so no major ‘inner themes’. His focus is more ‘outward’ bound, except for the high emotional awareness. It brings out the intuitive High Pries of Eros as well as a manifestation of divine guidance. This kid ‘knows’ things.

With double inspiration and the power of charity inspiring him, he may bring great new ideas to the family. He also knows how to how to deal with Karma and gain deep Insights from it.

Father will play a major role in his life to focus him on Who he is and Why he is. Father is there to create the awareness of Self in him. To truly support the son in becoming the best version of himself (and not that of the Father). The son will have a strong sense of “I Am” , one of the two steps in the expansion of self-awareness. The second step, answering the question : but Why am I and Who am I on a deeper level, is more difficult to answer. It calls for the development of intuition. Father has a deep access to intuition through his sense for unconditional love.


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