Pisces moons, do you find it hard to listen to your gut and intuition

When dealing with issues, I have a Gemini sun so I think that makes me more cerebral/logical. Nevertheless I heard that Pisces positionings have an astonishing intuition. With a Pisces moon I do not discover myself relating to that much. In fact I do not remember the last time I had an inkling about something (in fact I have a great deal of difficulty in major decision making), or lets say a suspicion something will go wrong. I seem like I do not measure up to my pisces moon lol. Im a lot more Mercurial.

So generally I think what Im asking is. As a pisces (any Pisces placements), how do you think your instinct manifests. and how do you tackle accessing it?

The only thing I d say that could relate to suspicion is feeling “vibes”. Anxious vibes around uneasy individuals and vice versa. However I believe everyone has that.

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