Pisces Venus Mercury are hard placements

Pisces Venus is likewise thought about an exalted placement but I for one think its likewise extremely difficult. Love is made complex, and Pisces is prepared to explore love, and have unconditional love, however they likewise are prepared to suffer more than whats needed. Once again, UNHEALTHY venus pisces will literally MAKE themselves suffer sometimes due to the fact that they require to feel like theyre being that martyr, battling an excellent fight, and if theyre not suffering are they truly caring????

Anyway thats my hot take on my own placements that im dealing with. I understand its not all discomfort and sadness however, its possible.

This is all coming from my individual experience, however im curious whether others feel the same.
Notice i say * feel * since thats what Pisces is all about. Their logic is swayed by * feelings * and their own inner world. I find myself and other pisces mercurys battle with overthinking/anxiety. Its as if they are too prone to their ENVIRONMENT, and when in a hazardous environment, its easy for them to become inebriated.
It feels like im constantly in a daze (a lonesome daze) since its easy for pisces to be a martyr and sympathize with themselves, or that the world revolves around them. I discover unevolved pisces energy cant SEE the big photo (like aquarius for example, can) and rather they only see what they WANT to see based off their creativity.
Its like remaining in a consistent vortex?

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