That’s me.

And honestly, the weirdest combo ever! I can go from being so social to literally isolating myself the next. I can come off as very friendly and attached, when really deep down I’m this unemotional and detached robot. Because of my pisces rising, I can come off as dumb or ‘heads in the clouds’ and a solid day-dreamer, but because of my aquarius moon, once you really get to know me you soon realise I’m actually smarter than you thought. But it’s pretty rare for someone to really get to know me before I go all m.i.a (missing in action). People want to chill with the charming libra that they “know” but what they don’t know is that I’m a libra who needs their batteries to be re-charged on a daily, I’m actually an iPhone in human form.

Anyway, this combo got me fuc*ed up.


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