PLEASE TAKE THESE VICE VERSA IF NEED BE, CHECK YOUR VENUS Libra overall, something has come to …

Libra: overall, something has come to an end or you have chose to leave a certain situation. The universe wants you to understand that you are not alone and are not the only one going through this. Don’t be afraid to take that leap because there is a new chapter awaiting us.

5D: Something was shown to you. Your intuition led you towards this for a while and it might have been ignored so divine intervened and revealed an infidelity that was taking place within a relationship. It didn’t feel too good and you are being asked to keep looking towards your strength through this.

HeartSpace: You’re torn between wanting to keep yourself trapped and wrapped up in your mind or starting something new and finding what it is your truly desire and want emotionally. Deep down you know you shouldn’t keep yourself stuck this way but that’s okay, these things take time.

HeadSpace: You feel like you’ve lost everything you’ve worked for and have built. You see no brighter days or truth to this destiny. Almost like you can’t believe what’s it’s front of your eyes. Please be gentle with yourself Libra, this too shall pass and you are not alone. .

3D: You are wanting to explore something new within passion, I must say, please be careful with impulse and meaningless offers that may come forth. You don’t want to play fire with Fire, don’t go jumping into the shallow game that was played and find yourself being the lower frequency that started this in the first place.

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