Pluto in Aquarius could be an astrological revolution

…or there could be incredible backlash against it’s current popularity swell.

I was thinking about Pluto in Aquarius (because my moon is there and I’m terrified of pluto transiting my moon lol), and I realized that while there have been many predictions about when Earth entered Aquarius (answers seem to be all over the place from 1920 to 2060 and beyond), if you buy the 2012 theory which I kinda do, that means this would be the first time that Pluto will go into Aquarius while Earth is in Aquarius. And If you look back through the history books concerning Pluto in Aquarius, you get some very interesting astronomical and astrological leaps forward – Copernicus, Kepler, Gallileo discoveries, etc.

I say this not only because of the interesting relationship between pluto in Aquarius and astro-discoveries but because when looking at signs, Aquarius of course rules astrology. So, it seems like this could be prime ground for a moment, a rather large moment, for astrology

Of course, we know that these new ideas emerging don’t come easy, thus my opening comment about backlash. However, I can’t help but wonder if Pluto is going to conjure some deep new truths that will push astrology to new frontiers.

That said, we have to get through all this raucous coming in 2020 but, that said, I’m wondering what other people think about this? Thoughts?

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