Pluto is the planet of power dynamics, control, abuse, fear, emotional intensity. Hes the furthest …

Pluto is the world of power dynamics, control, abuse, worry, emotional intensity. Hes the furthest away from the Sun, so he likes to deal with the shadow sides of ourselves, those aspects that we normally dont like to look at or deal with.
It takes Pluto 15-20 years to travel each zodiac indication. His work takes a long time to be completed and its super deep and effective. What he touches gets completely changed!
Right now hes traveling in the energies of Capricorn, which is associated to responsibility, duty, ambition, discipline, patience, determination to strive and decision to succeed
This is a huge cycle happening considering that 2008 and has the power to impact all of humanity in changes of federal government, politics, the elite, banking, those in charge and in a position of authority, the structures that rules our lives, the structures that weve understood to be powerful.
Separately Pluto is activating a new sense of your power and authority in your life. Were being pressured to grow, to grow, to take duty, to declare personal sovereignty and authority over ourselves, our lives and what we desire to do here on our stunning and loved Planet Earth
Hows Pluto working its magic in your life?

Talk with your Pluto!

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