plz help Born on 911, seeing 1111 and 911 constantly, life path number 9

Im very scared for my future. Any and all insight would be considerably valued.

Please prior to you avoid this- i truly require some aid.

Since I understand these topics have actually been separately dealt with however Im questioning, I apologize. does it hold a lot more significance due to the fact that I experience ALL of it?

Ive been seeing 11:11 and 9:11 constantly this year.

Ive studied a little bit about spiritual awakenings, however I suffer from severe depression. Now Im going through the least expensive low Ive ever been through. I worry I will never get anywhere because as hard as I try, I know my vibrations are constantly low due to my ptsd, stress and anxiety, and anxiety.

I honestly feel like a lost cause. Im afraid I do not have a function due to the fact that a sudden health problem was supposed to eliminate me years back.

Ive had reiki done and I had actually been told that my spirit guides are annoyed that Im “suppressing” myself, but I have no concept what Im expected to be doing, if anything. Im very extremely lost, and I cant appear to get this idea out of my head that perhaps I do not have a purpose because I was expected to pass away at 25 years old.

Ive studied a little bit about spiritual awakenings, but I suffer from severe depression. I stress I will never ever get anywhere because as difficult as I try, I understand my vibrations are always low due to my anxiety, depression, and ptsd.

My life course number is 9.

I was born on 9/11, – 6 weeks earlier than my due date and right before midnight.

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