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Posted @withrepost • @aquariusnation well hello W E D N E S D A Y! Something appears and it comes out of nowhere so you ALL need to be on alert. But I kind of laugh because, actually, I don’t think any of us can avoid what is coming for us today. It’s like a one in a million shot but we are that one today. For this reason, what comes may surprise you in ways that you could NEVER imagine happening. There is, like, zero room for this to manifest – and it just did. . So things of THE most far out will arrive for some of us. It’s magic colliding. It’s where you will be working on the computer and will have plans to go do something but will decide to do it earlier and then because of that you end up at the same place as this person you’ve really been wanting to see again. . And then you’ll be thinking of the timing and how you followed your intuition to leave work early, which, intellectualizing it is a bad thing, right? But you did anyway. You pushed through the old world judgments --- and you got something that lit up your imagination zone. And you got the gift of wonder for how could that connect like that so perfectly? And, maybe, I can trust all that is happening in my life then??? . So we are being given examples like this but we ALL CONNECT. Things just come together and what was lost, ain’t so lost anymore. This is why today also has the most expansive, explosive EXCITEMENT to it because what comes for many, we have had LONG DESIRE FOR. . And like I tell you!!!! We need the want. We need to be without and want with all the want that drives us crazy with dry desert desire. We need to feel sexually excited by someone and NOT go to porn with it, not go to images with it, not go to orgasm with it, but rather sit in the body with the want of it, building the desire of it. . We need to not microwave through life when we KNOW microwaves kill the nutrition in life, the love of life, the color of life. Oh so fast was programmed into you. Oh so slow, fast, slow, erratic, stop, too fast... . . CONTD in comments or link in bio. #moonlover #astrology #moonvibes #aquariusnation #kerryannavanzo #astrologer #horoscopes #starseeds #awakening #ageofaquarius #dailyreadings