Qualitative astrology vs quantitative astronomy

Im rather new to this things and have actually always been a bit on the doubtful side when it comes to astrology. As Ive dived more into occult subjects the previous couple of years, the idea that science is just one side of the coin has actually ended up being more and more palpable to me. I desired to share some ideas I doodled down the other day about the relationship between astronomy and astrology and ideally get some thoughts/additions from you men:

Astronomy concerns specific numbers/quantities, i.e. unbiased realities of nature. Astrology worries the qualities weve designated these mathematical occasions based upon archetypes that are also, in a sense, unbiased realities, because they have existed in our collective awareness considering that obviously beyond time. Thinking lately that consciousness pervades everything (or perhaps even IS whatever) and always has, and is not a simple byproduct of matter/evolution, I dont believe its a stretch to conclude that both the quantitative and qualitative are similarly valid “measurements” of reality.

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