REESE Ep. 04 On becoming fearless and stepping into her power Living in an abusive househo…

REESE:: Ep. 04// On becoming brave and entering her power// “Living in a violent household for so long, I had a lot of paradigms of like well if I speak out Im going to get screamed at or Im going to get in difficulty. I think it was constantly within me, but then a lot of the beliefs I grew up with made me not express that. Its so amusing because theres that saying for becoming effective fake it until you make it. For me, I released play little, be shy, be simple, dont take up space. That was me being the real me when I released that. Now, Im someone who speaks their opinion and does what she wishes to do, is courageous and follows her heart. That is the real me. It was always within me, it was simply awaiting permission to come out.” @yessupply @soulinthecitypodcast
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