Ren HangRemember when I mentioned that the way the outer planets are set up in the sky this year…

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Remember when I mentioned that the way the outer planets are set up in the sky this year brings us four rough days a month? Well today is definitely one of them. The moon makes a monthly cycle that talks to Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn in stressful ways – we can either succumb to emotional drama or we can use this aspect to push for growth.

We start the morning with a very creative aspect, the Cancer moon talks to Neptune bringing inspiration, sparking imagination or even a creative breakthrough. However, we are under the influence of a potentially righteous, overly optimistic and “grand idea” Mercury for a few days. Mercury is the messenger, and is bringing us rose colored glasses/overly optimistic messages from Neptune and Jupiter right now. Pay attention to details wherever possible, question everything (all of that Gemini medicine) and try not to engage in the culture wars going on right now. It all boils back down to doing what is right for you. Preaching won’t get you where you want to go, even if it feels like the right thing to do.

In the early evening, the Cancer moon begins its monthly opposition to Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. Before reacting or engaging in what might be an invitation to drama, take a step back. We are all trying to make sense of the permanent changes happening this year. The moon in Cancer encourages us to feel all of the feelings, nurture ourselves and connect.

We’re in an 18 month cycle that is similar to the one after the shocking events of 9/11. Remember all of the insane rhetoric and conspiracy theories floating around at that time? Remember how easily we would get caught up in an “i’m right, you’re wrong” dialogue? Apply the same curiosity that you felt at that time (if you’re old like me), blind beliefs keep us in the past. The Sagittarius lunar eclipse on June 5th will be sitting next to the south node of release, we are letting go of what we “knew” to be true.

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