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Repost 2018 THE MERCEDES BENZ Everyone knows that a Mercedes Benz has the reputation of being a premium and high status car. For the most part they are expensive because they can be due to the status symbol that it has. . . The founder of Mercedes Benz (one of them) was Karl Benz. To my surprise there is a natal chart with a birth time and apparently an accurate birth time. Astrology students follow along, the 3rd House rules machinery, vehicles, and short distances, and the traditional ruler of Benz's 3rd House is Mars which is conjunct his midheaven (our mark in life) ruler. . . His natal Sun, North Node, and Mercury are all conjunct in his 4th House...the 4th House represents money made off of the 3rd House. And not only this...the modern day ruler of his 3rd House is in his 8th House. . . And what does the 8th House represent? It represents other people's his case getting his hands on other people's money by selling cars based on status. . . The Mercedes Benz is a great performing car, but it's main identity is definitely around what it means to drive one. The car itself should have an interesting chart. . . #RealAstrologyWayne #astrology #astrologersofinstagram #zodiac #horoscopes #astrologer #karlbenz #mercedesbenz