Rush Limbaugh Announces Advanced Lung Cancer. Saturn conj Pluto.

His birthday was January 12. The day of the exact conjunction bearing down on his Sun in a Capricorn in the 12th home of endings, loss, bad luck. (The lunar eclipse that took place 2 days prior took location in his 6th house of health). He really also said he understood something was wrong on the day of January 12th, when he experienced shortness of breath.

His solar return for this year had the Saturn Pluto conjunction taking place in his 3rd house. While it might be a stretch to appoint the function of breathing to the 3rd house, lung capability and the actual mechanics behind talking goes hand in hand with being able to consistently communicate and explain in words ideas over a broadcast radio show.

Anyway politics aside, I saw the announcement and then saw the date and could not help however dig in and share a little astrological take on it

His solar return Moon in Leo is conjunct his MC. That he had to come out and make an emotional discovery that will affect his profession remains in direct opposition to his Aquarian sensibilities “I do not like making aspects of me,” he stated in the release.

EDIT: sorry that the comments left hand.

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