s a t u r nr e t r o g r a d e aaand the REST Oh boy is the next few days jampacked with tran…

s a t u r n  r e t r o g r a d e (aaand the REST) || Oh boy is the next few days jampacked with transits and tumult. •

Saturn, Venus + Jupiter stationing retrograde, Mars + Mercury changing signs. Phew! You might feel like you’re in a room full of people who ALL want your attention. •

My first reaction was to hide. My second reaction was to deal with them one at a time. So let’s start with Saturn.

Because I’m a Saturnite, the daddy of Karma’s retrograde season tends to make me feel like I’m being nagged by a parent to clean my room or get up for school or something.

I was never any good at either of these things – my Saturn in 6th says “ick. routiiiines???” – but without these routines I dropped out of college and paid for it later by having to go to community college whilst also working in a supermarket (not the best) so in hindsight I could see the benefit.

I couldn’t get a much closer analogy than “damn I should have just finished college” for Saturn Retrograde, so here are some other ways this next few months will provide you with blessings in disguise: Crystal clear vision on bad choices + time wastes Desire for healthy commitment Acceptance of “that which must end” Rock solid sense of responsibility Acknowledgment of our limits (thank Christ) Sensitivity as a superpower for unearthing blocks “NO” as new favourite word …Exhausting yet beneficial…
How are you feeling my accountable cuties?

xoxo ellierose @loversoracle

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