S U N O P P O S E D P L U T O The weekend is influenced by theSun in Cancersopposition t…

☉ S U N ☉ O P P O S E D ♇ P L U T O ♇

The weekend is influenced by the Sun in Cancer’s opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.
Pluto is the aeonic tide, the ebb and flow of death and rebirth.

Plutonian energies summon the darkness of the void, the great mysteries of the unknown.
When the Sun opposes Pluto, a crisis emerges, something that forces a change in consciousness upon you.

Your life my feel chaotic as lies are confronted by truth and repressed feelings become obvious feelings.
Things may feel like they are falling apart, but remember that Pluto’s influence is not merely destructive.

Pluto is not the darkness itself, but is the energy that transmutes the darkness into light.
You’re not lost.

You’re just in the middle of a deeply transformational journey.

The inward journey to the center of the labyrinth is followed by the outward return.

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