SATURDAY, October 26, 2019What happens when Mars, the god of war, in the sign of relationships squ…

SATURDAY, October 26, 2019

On second idea however, if your emotions do get the much better of you, simply think about it as a needed methods to move the energy that was implied to move. It might not be easy to choose up the pieces in the aftermath, but when you do, whats left will be more aligned with who you require to be, than who you once were.

Well, if there are 2 worlds you do not wish to fulfill alone in a dark ally (aside from Pluto) its Mars and Saturn, and thats precisely what occurs to the Moon on “Saturn-day” no less. As the Moon with dignity makes its way through Libra, it comes across, and gets caught in between a knock-down drag-out brawl between these two unbendable forces. If youre dealing with off with any authority in your life, be mindful of your emotions getting the better of you specifically.

What occurs when Mars, the god of war, in the sign of relationships squares the god of wealth and time in the indication of authority, which it guidelines?

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