Saturn has entered Aquarius this evening A very exciting time for those of us bornclick for number, but i…

Saturn has entered Aquarius this evening! A very exciting time for those of us born 1991-1993, but it will also have a prominent effect on everybody’s lives the next 3 years. It will be short lived as Saturn will retrograde soon and go back into Capricorn. But once it returns to Aquarius in the latter part of this year, it is here to stay until 2023. Saturn moving from Capricorn to Aquarius suggests a transcendence from the old structures, including the financial, governmental, scientific, technological and social realms. There will be a massive uptick in progressing the ways we go about our lives and operate. No doubt, the internet is here to stay. And it’s clear that many of these structures will be moving to being completely online. Virtual reality will likely become more fleshed out, communications will get better from a distance. Scientific breakthroughs influencing the structure will become pertinent. Financial systems are likely to get a major upgrade. And our governments systems will incorporate more progressive, egalitarian methods. And all of this will be out of necessity, as Saturn doesn’t do anything unless it’s needed. As we’ve seen recently, many of these systems need a boost to accommodate major needs. Fighting back pandemics, environmental changes, and collapsing infrastructure will be at the forefront. It will simply become a way of life when Pluto joins in Aquarius in 2023 and will remain there for 20 years. Saturn will have moved on by then, but the structural changes that happen in the next 3 years will foreshadow the next 20. On a more individual level, coming to grips with transcending the limitations in your life and harnessing your unique vision and perspective will greatly benefit you. The more you embrace who you authentically are, the better this time will go for you. If you conform out of fear and safety, you may notice blowback in how your perceive yourself. Everything must be in balance though. But don’t be afraid to authentically be who you are, and wear it on your sleeve. The world will reward you. More than any other Saturn transit, authentic expression is not just suggested, it may be necessary for well being and success.

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