SATURN, PLUTO, AND NICOLE MURPHY ..Some reports call her Mitchell others say Murphy..not sure whic…

Her birth data isnt confirmed but what I was able to find, transiting Saturn and Pluto remain in combination variety of her natal Sun Mercury combination. Thats a huge transit have has to do with Karmic lessons, R. Kelly has that same transit on his natal Sun, too … A birth time would identify which house in her chart is being impacted. My guess it is something with her midheaven (rules reputation) or her Ascendant (rules our identity).
Remarkably, the Saturn Pluto will sextile her natal Neptune, trine her natal Pluto and sextile her natal Moon. She will be fine. An apology from her was required so that she can pit this behind her … Every last one of us (other than me #leoproblems ♌) has done some s * it we arent happy of and it didnt play out in the world the method this did. Thats an extremely tough lesson to find out so publicly

Some reports call her Mitchell others say Murphy. not sure which is appropriate. The only thing about checking out these charts without a time is that I do not know where the Midheaven or ascendant is … In the case of Nicole Murphy with the recent headlines of her kissing a married male, her Ascendant and midheaven would inform me a lot if I had her birth time.

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