SATURN RETROGRADEThe Retrograde Roulette begins tomorrow. Five days, three planets reversing cour…


The Retrograde Roulette begins tomorrow. Five days, three planets reversing course. Get ready for a rollercoaster kind of week. Buckle yourself up, keep your arms inside the vehicle, and enjoy the ride.

I’m never one for fear-mongering so please don’t see this as such. Retrogrades are never something to be scared of. However, they should be respected and engaged with intentionally. Saturn’s retrograde is no exception. When Saturn is direct, it functions just like the Titan from Greco-Roman myth. Saturn swallows, constricts, represses, and shoves down anything that it thinks doesn’t belong or that which is a threat to order. Saturn’s main message is control. During its yearly retrograde, occurring between one solar trine and the other, centered around the opposition, its grip on control becomes a little loose.

This doesn’t mean that we are totally out of control during Saturn’s retrograde, nor does it mean that this is a free pass to do dumb, out of control shit. What we are being asked to do is loosen the lock of control on our inner self. This is the time to be more wild and feral, to open the doors on our personal prison cell, to stop trying to control every part of ourselves. Saturn, the mythic figure, swallowed their children in order to retain control. Saturn, the planet, swallows anything about ourselves we don’t want others to know about. The retrograde flips this pattern on its head.

This retrograde is 4 1/2 months of opportunities to forgive, to heal, to love. Bring your scared, wounded, hurting, and repressed self out into the open (as much as they are comfortable being there). Offer this part of you love, compassion, care. Give them whatever they need. Help the healing process to start or allow it to continue. Offer that care to your Saturn as well. It is just trying to protect you, after all, to keep you safe. Let this be a time of healing yourself and unlearning self-oppression. Let it be a time of self-acceptance instead. Let it be a return to deep and radical love of self.

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