Saturn return for people who did not have an enjoyable youth and were asked to grow up fast

It appears like whenever they broach Saturn return, it talks about it in the sense of stereotyped and traditional maturity. If you are some kid screwing around on his moms and dads cash partying with no task then it is time to mature or if you are some party girl who has been taking a trip on her moms and dads cent then it is time to begin earning on your own.

What about individuals who do not have those opportunities, never had the wealth in their youth to party in fancy/Instagramable places, were asked to grow up and “mature” quickly, got a job, and overall did not live that party fucking around lifestyle?

It broaches individuals who fuck around in the sense of not getting a task and still being kids into their 20s that celebration a lot, count on moms and dads, etc.

What about those who never had that way of life or much of a youth anyways due to rigorous moms and dads?

What about those for whom “maturity” in the conventional sense was barely a problem?

What does a Saturn return have in location for those people?

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